back_up EP

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YRE-001 delivers an irrepressibly funky set of old-school Techno tracks by Todd Sines under the .xtrak guise. The Chicago-styled cuts resurrect the '95 vibe of the material Sines produced for and with DBX (Daniel Bell) on 7TH City and Peacefrog, as well as on Carl Craig's Planet E. "Back_Up EP" presents four slamming samplings of techno-funk where acidy synths burble and ricochet over sexily slithering bass lines, backbeat hi-hats, stomping kick drums, and snares that crack and pop as forcefully as a slap to the face. On this first yore release, Sines invigorates the globally-celebrated minimal techno genre with classic soulfulness and depth.

YRE-001 / 12 inch record

Release Date: 23.04.2007