Yore welcomes "IBEX" to the Yore Family. Tony Ollivierra aka Ibex, who is no stranger at all to the world of Detroit House music, known for his outstanding releases on Carl Craigs "Planet E" or his hot gems on 3rd Ear and Rushhour, returns in full effect on our 26th release. Here he brings us four tracks, so deep (and yet grooving without a doubt), unique and full of class, that it still leaves us simply speechless. The music on this EP is so rich and full of musical idea's, like we haven't heard it since a very long time. One can tell you need history and expertise behind to drop something like this and Ibex sure has what it takes. He's been releasing high quality house music since early 2000 and has been touring as a DJ since the mid nineties, which all you can sense in his music. This is one of our personal favourite releases so far and we can only strongly recommend to get your copy while they last. Killer EP not to be missed and already a classic today!

YRE-026 / 12 inch record

Release Date: 06.09.2010