With the second album release Rick Wade has issued his own deep strain of late-night House music since 1991 so it shouldn't surprise that his tracks draw upon past eras as much as the current one. In fact, when the artist, DJ, and label head (Harmonie Park and Bass Force) sprinkles a little Chain Reaction dust over the funky handclapping swing of "Prime Expansion," one could be forgiven for interpreting the moment as his way of acknowledging a relatively recent style before shifting the spotlight back to his preferred territory. Wade's style naturally references techno and house but also pulls classic disco, smooth jazz, funk, and Philly soul into its expansive orbit. One hears traces of Barry White, Gamble and Huff, and The Crusaders: White in the soulful strings that sometimes course through.

YRE-010 / 2 x 12" full length album + cd

Release Date: 26.05.2008