Patrice Scott vs. Andy Vaz

Split EP

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Yore returns with a true Dream Team Split EP, pairing Yore label head Andy Vaz with Sistrum manager Patrice Scott. Vaz is up first with a beautiful slice of old-school funk and soul within a Deep house formula, "Back to Square One," that has a whole lot more in common with Isaac Hayes and James Brown than with Juan Atkins or any other Techno Icon. Accompanied by a wah-wah guitar figure and claps, a bullet-proof bass line leads a nine-minute charge that's quickly bolstered by a slinkily swinging drum groove. Scott titled his second Sistrum release Beyond Deep and the title might just as easily apply to the B-side "Azteck" where the Detroit producer slathers shimmering stabs and congealing streams over a thudding kick drum and flickering percussive detail. While Vaz's cut draws inspiration from the timeless traditions of decades past, Scott's looks towards the future when it's gleaming shuttle lifts off in pursuit of distant galaxies.

YRE-009 / 12 inch record

Release Date: 28.07.2008