yore-002 limited


Tragedy Park

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Yore proudly adds Detroit's "Drivetrain" to the stable. Drivetrain's the nom de plume for Derrick Thompson, a DJ and producer who heads up Soiree Records International, a label with a strong soulful house focus, who has been around since Detroit's early days. That kinship comes through loud and clear in the EP's second cut, "The Rain," when Thompson sweetens the tune's brisk rhythms with triangle, electric piano, alto sax, flute, acoustic bass and a gravelly "Make love (in the rain)" command that sounds like it's oozing from the lips of a tasty DJ. "The Rain" is trumped by the A-side's "Angel (Serenity Mix)," which opens with a sinuous house thrust and then heats up with a tight, jacking groove that Thompson soulfully embellishes with synthesizer flourishes and a smooth vocal refrain of the song's title. The EP ends with the title track, "Tragedy Park," which is closer in spirit to a stomping techno Raver that's had a smidgen of acid thrown in for extra flavour.

YRE-002ltd / 12 inch record

Release Date: 31.08.2009