Andy Vaz's Straight Vacationing, his first full-length artist album, since the 2006 release of Repetitive Moments Last Forever..., registers as less a straight-up collection of dance-floor burners and more of a variety pack that mixes club tracks and full-fledged house songs. Listeners hungry for just ordinary 4/4 throw-downs will not entirely get their share of those, but they'll also get a whole lot more on this dynamic and well-rounded set of eight album tracks and that is exploring House Music not just as a simple one way street, but give you a very personal view of the music we call House. Straight Vacationing dives into the genre in all it's rich variety: From deep melodic, early Chicago influenced Acid House, Jacking-Jedi Mind Tricks to Disco-type grooves and last but not least excursions into Bizzaro World, with a vaz typical almost psychedelic experimental-edged Sound, it's all there.
As a little Bonus, the Album offers free additional digital remixes from the Yore all-stars such as: Patrice Scott, Rick Wade, Alton Miller, Memory Foundation, Ibex, Kez YM and Orlando B.

YRE-028 / 2 x 12" full length album + cd

Release Date: 24.10.2011