Yore continues the hunt for an extra portion of the deep. This latest 12" Release by Spain's "Dubbyman" (head of Deep Explorer Music), brings us some serious deep early morning house grooves, filled with overwhelming warmth and sensational sweet melodies. Each down-tempo track, focuses around an overall strong groove, that will get you feet whip and get your heads turning, while soulful voice snippets flirt with your ears. Dubbyman is at his best on this "Dubless EP" and surely proves to be a man to look out for. The ep also features a remix of "Loveless" by his brother Above Smoke, that takes the original mix more into a clubby 4/4 vein and nicely gives a round up to this. If there could be a message to this release, we'd say it should be: Soul strikes back and empty hearted music will be overcome musically. Word.

YRE-013 / 12 inch record

Release Date: 10.11.2008