A document of an African Past

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With multiple releases on Background Records, ~scape, and Ghostly/Spectral already under his belt, Alan Abrahams (aka Bodycode and Portable) presents a fabulous fusion of ultra-deep House and Afro-futurism on his Yore debut "A Document of an African Past". Abrahams sounds positively unleashed on the twelve-minute A-side, "The Centre of Time," which pushes the Bodycode sound farther than ever before. Abrahams has shown himself in the past to be a master builder when it comes to weaving layers into intricate masses and does the same here too. Lerato's sweetly soulful vocals grace the B-side's "Body to Body," a mesmerizing deep house anthem that proves a perfect complement to the volcanic opener. With its swinging pulse, "Body to Body" is a little bit more in line with the established Bodycode style but is no less delicious for being so.

YRE-006 / 12 inch record

Release Date: 19.11.2007