Tokyo's "Kez YM's" follow-up to his maiden Yore EP, City Soul, opts for a more pronounced party vibe, as evidenced by the plenitude of voices that repeatedly pop up during Butterfly's four deep house tracks. The material sounds of Japanese producer Kazuki Yamaguchi puts a clubby spirit to this EP. Propelled by a beautifully warm and soulful bass pulse, "Inner City Funk" grooves mightily for five blissful minutes, its rhythm bolstered by the crisp snap of the snare, the funky wah-wah of an electric guitar, and the occasional interjection of a synthesizer melody. "Bridge to Bridge" quickly charts its own percolating course with the addition of a stepping disco-house pulse and a male voice's sleepy, off-handed musings. Bringing the lights down for a romantic make-out session, the sexy "Low Tide" chills the pace slightly so that spent dancers can catch their breath and replenish themselves before the next go-round. Of the four tracks, the title cut grooves most powerfully in merging a rambunctious broken beat drum attack with an equally driving bass line and manic electric guitar soloing. Play these jams loud.

YRE-020 / 12 inch record

Release Date: 23.11.2009