Mood Sync

Yore returns with the first appearance on the label this year with the Edinburgh-based outfit 2DeepSoul, which counts Brad Peterson and Rai Scott as it’s members. You can find other music by 2DeepSoul on AMR, Minuendo, and Deep Explorer. The two bring a wealth of experience to the project: Peterson has been DJing and producing music since the early 90s. Since 2011 he has appeared on labels such as MacIntosh Music, Moods and Grooves, and more recently working with other labels such as Contrast Wax, 7th Sign, Hotmix and Monochromatic, as well as their own Inner Shift Music imprint. His musical influences include deep house, Detroit techno, UK techno / electronic music, as well as 60s – 70s jazz. Like Peterson, Scott established herself as a DJ before issuing her first release (under the Serendipity name) on Berlin’s Mixomat Recordings in 2008 and followed it up with music more recently on Ornate, Batti Batti, and their own Inner Shift Music imprint as well. She shares with Peterson a love for UK electronic music, Detroit techno as well as early Chicago and UK house.

YRE-030 / 12 inch record