Earlier this year, Todd Sines inaugurated Yore with the slamming techno-funk of the .xtrak release Back_Up EP and now returns for round two with "don't stop". Without losing the stripped-down, minimal tech-house funk essence of the .xtrak sound, Sines ups the acid-house ante considerably in the new material. The old-school title cut makes an immediately vivid impression by repeating the insistent vocal hook "don't stop" -both command and mantra- over a towering backbeat. "cut to the chase" does exactly that with funky handclaps and syncopated swing, while the B-side's low-riding "unreflect" pairs dropouts and bass-crawling boogie. Slightly different in character, the squiggly acid-techno track "quantum mechanics" is as precision-tooled as its title suggests. Despite the subtle shift in stylistic emphasis, don't Stop offers a splendid complement to the earlier release.

YRE-007 / 12 inch record

Release Date: 07.01.2008