Yore returns with four funky and warm disco-ish house tracks that the Tokyo Connection boys Kez YM, Rodenion and No Milk drop like it's hot. The strong opener "Rodenion Never Let The Flames Die Down" lays out five minutes of deep house delirium in a soulful mix that pairs a looped vocal wail ("keep the fire burnin'") with a bass-powered shuffle. "No Milk" appears to draw from a jazz fusion library when his track "Awake" showers its hypnoticaly stepping swing with electric piano showers and a slinky funk bass riff. The song's middle section could even pass for Kez YM paying tribute to Return To Forever-albeit a far funkier and song-focused incarnation of the band. One of the ways Kez YM invests his tracks with a high-spirited party vibe is by adding crowd babble to the music. The sounds of people talking and laughing (as occurs throughout "Dull Me") make the cuts feel like they're playing at a club or in someone's living room during a house party. The exuberance and joy that also pours forth from the tracks only heightens their appeal of these 3 cats from Tokyo and their very individual vision of House Music.

YRE-025 / 12 inch record