Detroit's Alton Miller brings the deepest of the deep to Yore on our proud 8th release. Since 1991, Alton Miller has issued more than a hundred recordings on Serious Grooves, Peacefrog, R2 Records, Octave Lab, and others, and now brings that wealth of experience to Yore. In fact, Full Circle comes closest to distilling the Yore credo into sound, given the label's emphasis on authentic, old-school House and Techno. Miller's sound? Imagine a more tightly-focused Cobblestone Jazz with a preference for polished song structures and soulful as it gets vocals in place of jams. The rich material on Full Circle is overall the deepest you can find, so up on our alley, that we couldn't resist putting this forward to you.

YRE-008 / 12 inch record

Release Date: 14.04.2008