Andy Vaz

Different Hours Revisited

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These are Different Times indeed for Andy Vaz if the EP's two mighty jams are indicative of where his music's heading. Vaz teams up with Detroit's Alton Miller, revisiting his fabulous Deep House cuts from his previous "Different Times EP" (Yore-012), here in extended Vocals Version, with Alton Mille singing layers on the hook. The a Side Track "Bygone Times" gets a choice reprise that might just top the other. Vaz's swinging pulse and the funky bass lines bubbling beneath the surface are once again the cherry on top. The tough, bass-thrusting groove of "Hurry, Hurry" also gets another workout with Miller again boosting the cut with his soulful croon. Vaz's music has never sounded more impassioned and energized than it does on these two club-ready EPs and, consequently, both, not surprisingly, feel like they're over far too quickly.

YRE-012.5 / 12 inch record

Release Date: 09.03.2009