Marcello Napoletano

From the Depths
of my Mind

Yore proudly presents Marcello Napoletano, who is more than just the man of the hour, with his extraordinary releases presented on Mathematics, Uzuri and Quintessentials. This Ep follows the roots of classic raw House musics in its purest most authentic form. "I am large, I contain multitudes," wrote Walt Whitman in Song of Myself. In a non-literary sense, so too does Italian producer Marcello Napoletano, based on the aural evidence documented on his Yore debut From the Depths of My Mind. Maximal in the extreme, the three effervescent tracks (which arrive only months after his debut album, The Space Voodoo, appeared on Jamal Moss's Mathematics Recordings) teem with so much detail they come to resemble live jams laid down in packed clubs.

YRE-023 / 12 inch record

Release Date: 29.03.2010