Yore continues the global digging for the Deep. After the sensational Trackleton EP, we proudly welcome another new cat to our Family Tree. Kez YM (aka Japanese producer Kazuki Yamaguchi), whose City Soul EP oozes soul in the best possible way. Yamaguchi's quartet of steamy deep house cuts overflow with warm Rhodes chords, hand-claps, and bass and drum grooves so funky they should be outlawed. It's telling that he hosts his own club night in Tokyo because the voice samples and percussion that ornament his material definitely strengthens its "live" club feel. City Soul EP finds Kez YM distilling the timeless essence of house music into four cuts that come and go far too quickly. And last but not least, his tracks have already been played by a cat named Moodymann. Well folks if that's not a promising start for a newbie ;).

YRE-015 / 12 inch record

Release Date: 13.04.2009